You are what you think you are!

A great many people believe in destiny or karma or divine grace and so on. But these beliefs are human constructions that provide a level of comfort depending on one’s upbringing, culture or traditions. The fact of the matter is that we are what we think. If we think thoughts that are happy then happiness will result. If we think thoughts that are angry then we will experience anger.

We humans are great projection machines. We project our inner world onto the outside world and then give the outside world the quality of that projection. If we are feeling and thinking loving and happy thoughts, the world outside responds as loving and happy. Not only are we what we think but the response is also what we projecting.

“Sow a thought, reap an action
Sow an action reap a deed,
Sow a deed, reap a habit,
Sow a habit reap a character,
Sow a character, reap a destiny!”

Stay Curious!

I KEEP six honest serving-men
 (They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
 And How and Where and Who.
........Rudyard Kipling

So when we have an idea, and we want to explore the possibility of getting to market, then the a journey through the six important questions is a great starting point.

What is our idea? Why should we pursue it? (the why factor is critical as it reveals purpose), Who will we be serving? Where are the benefits? When will we be ready? and possibly the most practical of all, How will we get it done?

I send them over land and sea,
 I send them east and west;
But after they have worked for me,
 I give them all a rest.

Stay curious because it is the building block of success.


What is Blog Star?


When I started writing this blog, I thought I should keep it serious and on topic. Then as time went by I thought about being so serious and came to the conclusion that seriousness is not a sign of evolution. Laughter is!  Seeing the lighter side of life! So Blog-Star is a take on Dog-Star the brightest star in the sky! You can determine for yourself just how bright Blog-Star is.

The Small Company's Propitious Cycle

There are so many ways and ideas to consider when building your business. But every business is different. There is no specific formula that can be adopted that will guarantee success. However, there is a process that can and must be followed if you are to increase the odds of being successful. Here is the process, and the order in which the process must be undertaken;

  1. Vision - A very clearly defined vision

  2. Team - The best people to do the job of executing the vision

  3. Product (Proposition) - A unique and proprietary proposition

  4. Market - An easy path to a large enough market

  5. Business (Model) - a model that is repeatable and executable

  6. Culture in which everyone thrives

The above six form the propitious cycle where a strong Vision attracts a strong Team, which in turn develops a unique Proposition or Product that will gain Market share through an appropriate Business Model that will lead to a Culture of success.

A weak Vision will have a disconnected and ineffective Team that will result in a weak product with lagging Market share and a poor performing business model leading ultimately to a Culture of failure.

Chat more in a future blog.