Understanding the Market Place

Once I had a vision and assembled my team, we had to test the concept, our proposition, in the market place. Since we had decided that the idea of a preserved rose, a more expensive alternative than a bunch of fresh cut roses, we decided that our test should be at a retail point under $20. We aimed our first test at $19.99. To add perceived value, we included a ceramic vase and a gift card, with the design on the outside and a personal message on the inside.

We knew that all supermarkets and flower shops are the locations most convenient to buy flowers for the home. We also knew that flowers for gifting were mostly purchased online.

Accordingly we believed that the Everrose, would be a UNIQUE impulse gift for a variety of occasions. We just had to prove the concept.

We made three decisions to start our tests.

  1. Attend the Atlanta Trade Show

  2. Obtain some PR

  3. Offer the concept to a rep network.

From the results of the above efforts we would determine if the concept had any hope of succeeding.