A vision needs energy to drive it, and that energy comes from passion!

Answer this question......

What is my passion? What is my life purpose? (These two ideas are synonymous)

If you are not sure, and about 80% of the population is not, then try this helpful routine, which should take you just a few minutes. So, yes, it can be challenging to know your life purpose. But here is a quick method;

Start with this question; 
* "Who am I ?"
Not just your name but what you can offer the world. What can you contribute?
Each one of us is unique each with our own talents and strengths. Traits that others may be missing but could need.

Next question, therefore;

* "What can I offer? What do I bring to the table?
Once you know what your unique offering is and how this offering forms part of your vision, then you are in "your passion field", in your unique and critical space where your purpose can be expressed for the benefit of others.

Third question;
* Who is it for?
This, in the context of business, brings about an understanding of your customer, client, or beneficiary. It may be a specific category of person, or even something global such as the environment.

Fourth question;
* What do they need or want?
This is important because it is the process of aligning your offering with your customer's needs.

* How will they benefit or change as a result of your contribution?
This is a moment of truth. You will find that your happiness is the result of your improvement of the life or situation of someone else or others.

Passion drives success. You have to love and believe in what you are doing. This is the power that will sustain you as you make the journey through all the ups and downs in building and growing a business.

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