Our vision, was to create added "value" using a real flower gift that would last a year or more and thus provide the consumer with an inexpensive flower gift alternative. Because there were so many unknowns, we had to develop the product to a point where it could be tested in the market, yet still fulfill its purpose as a ready to buy gift. Refinements would come later. 


Product Design and Development

This is where the rubber meets the road. It is here where our vision would take on a life and begin to be a material reality. This is the stage of prototyping, where either a physical product or a digital product must be tested and market feedback obtained. Prototyping is about getting to a MVP (minimum viable product) so that it can be tested. Guessing what the consumer wants is tantamount to operating in a vacuum. We had to go find out directly! 


A Gift in a Card.

To bring the gift to the consumer, it would need to be packaged so it could present as a complete idea ready for gifting.

Cards were designed with different messages suitable for Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas and so on.
The card was also designed as a wrap to hold the flower gift and to reverse so that the inside message would be visible.

At this point the prototype was minimally viable and ready for testing in the market place. To begin the test, we had to figure out a way for the product to set up in the retail channel. We decided to approach gift stores, such as Hallmark. 


Counter Displays

To catch the attention of the buyer, we designed a promotional banner that attached to a tray holding a variety of message cards each containing a beautiful preserved rose in a ceramic container.

The trays were designed to fit on counters near cash registers so they would stimulate an impulse buy as customers checked out. The typical customer had never seen a preserved rose and, therefore, the banner's job was to educate the customer and provide a reason to buy the gift.


The complete analysis is not discussed here since our purpose is just to show you how we transitioned from an idea to a vision and then to design a minimal viable product that could be used as a reliable test in the market place. Click the button below to see a sample of a presentation illustrating the potential of the product.