The team. The all important team. But by team we also mean all the resources you need to get the best results. People, systems, money, networks, mentors. And yes, if you are not using your own money, then the investor is a valuable team member.

If you intend to win in the market place, whether selling a product, information or service, then putting together a strong team is paramount. A strong team depends on a strong vision. Without a sharp, clearly defined vision that becomes the central focus of your enterprise, with the full team all being on the same page, the vision will be diluted and the results diminished.

Every team needs to have sufficient funding, good advisors, and above all the best possible talent for the job required. If you are building a technology app, make sure your developer/s are the best programmers not the cheapest. Until you have a minimally viable product that can be tested in the market, you don't need an accountant. Only when you are ready to launch, then be sure you have the best legal and accounting advice. Don't mis-allocate your resources. Apply them in a timely manner. Cash is king!!!

In my Everrose example, I had connections to the largest rose farms in the world. This potential partnership assured me of a never ending supply of flowers, particularly roses. I also had people on my team who understood the art and science of flower preservation. The knowledge of the process, and the supply of raw materials, meant I could approach the largest retailers knowing that if they accepted the concept they could be assured of a constant and robust supply chain.

All I needed to proceed with testing, was money. Funding the gas that makes the car go. Without it my vision would return to an idea and forever remain a concept. 

I was lucky enough to have seed investors who were willing to fund the test phase, and these included some of the rose producers as well.  

If you have fellow team mates each of whom brings something unique to the table, with the intent of focusing the collective vision, you will have the beginnings of a strong enterprise. The team, with properly allocated and applied resources, is a critical step for success going forward. You can't afford to take your brother-in-law on to the team just because he is a nice guy. Every team member must offer a contribution that is essential to the vision.