The Propitious Cycle

In order to make the cycle process as real as possible, I am including, as an example of the process, one of the ideas with which I was involved. I will discuss each stage as it was approached at the time and provide you with comments and results.

Remember, VISION is the originating energy of the cycle. Nothing happens without vision. Vision is not the same as an aim or a goal. Although vision is conceptual or an abstraction, it is more than an idea. Whereas an idea is purely a concept of the mind that does not necessarily lead to anything of consequence or purpose, a vision must lead to a consequence.

For example, say I have an idea to make a new kind of bio-degradable bottle. That is a great idea but until it is physical or tangible, it is still only an idea. Now add to the idea the why factor and suddenly the idea becomes important. The reason I want to produce a biodegradable bottle is so that our oceans and fish will not be polluted by non destructible polluting plastic bottles, in turn insuring that the food produced by the oceans is not contaminated. Thus adding the why factor to our idea provides a compelling vision.

In the example of the Everrose, I am going to share with you the idea of preserving real flowers. From minimal research many people resisted buying fresh flowers as a gift because fresh cut flowers would only last a few days before wilting and having to throw them out. In other words, a gift quickly forgotten.

But what if we could preserve natural flowers so they would last much longer?

Since we had access to a fairly complex and exclusive technology that could use fresh flowers, and treat them, so that they would last up to a year or more we, therefore, wanted to pursue the idea further.

Our idea thus transitioned to a vision of an "entirely new way to enjoy real flowers that offered excellent value because of their long lasting ability."  

But a Vision needs energy to drive it, and that energy comes from passion! Before we move through the propitious cycle, please review the section regarding Passion. Ask yourself.......

.........Do you have the passion to drive your vision?